Withdraw your HMQ


Hi guys, does anybody know how can i transfer my HMQ to an exchange wallet


what is the Address-Symbol-Decimals for a amyether wallet?


I am wondering myself. I know it can be transferred once it goes live on the exchanges if my understanding is correct, but I haven’t seen a hard date on that yet. As for moving it to the ether wallet, it requires a contract address to generate a custom wallet and I have yet to see that as well. I would like to see information on both.


All things considered, I am starting to wonder if we all got scammed. That is the only explanation I can come up with in regards to this level of radio silence when you know that at least one MOD should have been through here in the past two days.


I think we should be patient and wait for work to be done. I expect an increased value in the tokens as soon as the hit the exchanges. I however transfered my tokens to myetherwallet. If you want to sell your tokens too, send me a chat


You’d better go to withdraw your HMQ first to your wallet then send some to your exchange.


The team is most certainly very busy at the moment but it is also true that they are not very present here.

On the other end mostly nobody is here either so they probably don’t spent much energy here before the community rise up.

Best course to get someone of the team is to go there https://humaniq-slack.herokuapp.com/ or chat through your dashboard to get support.

I hope it helps,



The Humaniq team have shared a Google doc explaining how to transfer your HMQ to MyEtherWallet (MEW).

HMQ will be available on at least two exchanges from 11 May onwards. One may then send their HMQ from MEW to the exchanges.


How long does it take for the withdraw to happen? It’s been in processing for almost a day now…


I withdrew mine 2 and half days ago, and still nothing … :grimacing:


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