Transfer HMQ tokens from myetherwallet to bittrex not working



I did withdraw my tokens from Humaniq to myetherwallet some time ago and they did show up in my ether wallet. Today I’ve tried to send out the tokens from myetherwallet to bittrex and even if transaction was confirmed the tokens didn’t go through. This is the transaction information:


Bitrex HMQ wallet is active: https://www.bittrex.com/Status

Do i miss something?

Thank you



Solved the issue. My bad: instead of using the send entire balance function I’ve used the number shown by myetherwallet that was rounding up something. Looks like I was not able to properly understand the transaction above that failed.



I have issue transferring my HMQ in MyEtherWallet to Bittrex. I’m very new to this and I hope someone can enlighten me. MyEtherWallet also require me to have Ether to pay for the gas which I believe it is for the network, however, since the transaction doesn’t seem to happen, I have been trying a few times and each transaction it kept charging me on the gas.

Etherscan kept repeating that it is out of gas. MyEtherWallet configuration is default (Normal Speed at 22 GWEI). https://etherscan.io/address/0x3f1cf3cb502c5ad1b2663f3f05c7549127962b8d

I wonder what went wrong.

Thank you.



I got it right after meddling for a few more hours :slight_smile: Gas limit should be lifted higher so that it doesn’t stop the transaction due to gas exhaustion…thank you anyway.


Hi Dave, Can you assist me, I’m trying to figure out how to Withdraw my Humaniq tokens from Bittrex to MyEtherWallet?


I’m not Dave but I think I can answer that. Withdrawing from Bittrex is pretty easy, just enter your MEW address and amount to send.


Hi, I also have a similar problem and can confirm recently I tried to transfer a HMQ to bittrex ETH wallet and it did not work. However, sending HMQ or ETH from my bittrex to ETH wallet was not problem.

Also, sending HMQ directly to my HMQ account on bittrex was no problem.

As I paid through bittrex, this is the only way I will receive my HMQ tokens. I am still waiting but at least one support member has said they will be sending my tokens soon.


Exchange accounts are not true wallets, so you really shouldn’t send tokens to pure ETH deposit addresses. In fact any unsupported token sent to e.g. Kraken is most likely lost. Hopefully Bittrex sends them back to you.


Hi Dave, I am new to myetherwallet. How are you able to transfer your token to your wallet to another wallet ? I do not have ETH like you do. You did successfully transfer and can you teach me more ? Thanks.


Hi Lama, I want to withdrawn my UQC from myetherwallet. I tried to transfer my UQC Token to another wallet. I am unable to transfer. I try to increase the gas limit but they prompt me that I need ETH to do transfer. I know that I do not need any ETH to do transfer, can you help me ? Thank you.


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