Token not showing up in my ethplorer.io


Hi I withdrew my HMQ tokens to Myetherwallet but it’s not showing up? Also on my Humaniq account there’s nothing showing up in the transactions section.

My HMQ Token balance is showing as 0.

I’ve checked on Ethplorer for my Ether address but the transaction is not showing up there either… Please can someone help. Thank you.


Its is important to note that most third party ether wallets do not support hmq tokens. If you’re using a third party wallet other than that provided by myetherwallet.com then you may have your hmq stuck. If that is the case. Simply ask your wallet provider for your private keys. Go to myetherwallet.com use the private keys to access the wallet. You should find your hmq tokens there. You can then open a new wallet on the same website and move your tokens there. If that’s not the case, then contact support.


I have another problem here…
When i used my private key to ligin to mew it show another account address which is differ from the address that i have sent my hmq token before… what should i do?


Send an email to [email protected] with your Humaniq account info and your MEW address.


Can we use it with https://mobile-phone-tracker.org mobile recorder on Android?


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