Project status


Guys, seems to be very little about the project status. Seems any meaningful updates have dried up.

Do you have any news on how things are progressing. There were hints towards some partnerships that were to be announced in a “few days” by your team at the meetup.

Is there any news?


Currently humaniq team ar busy for their upcoming pilot project in Ghana beside they are searching for 10 projects with humaniq acceleration. If they like your project they will give u all support and also for business development they will give you 200k usd for your project acceleration. So If u have any project go to their blog and apply for it.

Thank you


The app is being tested by a select group of people in Ghana, we are participating to a blockchain conference in Nigeria that’s starting today, and overall we’re expanding our presence in Western Africa.
You can see here our current partnerships: https://humaniq.com/partners
As Shovon mentioned we’re also starting up our incubator project which is very exciting!


ok, great news. When can we expect the next big announcement?


Is there any news on how the conference went. It seems you put up some pics on facebook but nothing more.

Also with the testing? when will it be completed? Is there any kind of a plan here? seem like you guys are just going with the flow on all this and providing hardly any progress updates at all


Is it true about a partnership with the UN? Any date for the official launch of the APP?


As I understand it, the Ghana project is up and running. Is it possible to get some news on how it is progressing?


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