List of exchanges supporting Humaniq


This will be a regularly updated list of all exchanges where Humaniq trading is available, ordered alphabetically with a brief recap for each.


Crypto-only exchange
Available pairs: BTC/HMQ, ETH/HMQ
Volume: ~546000$
Withrawal limits: 3 BTC/day for basic, 100 BTC/day for fully verified accounts.
Commission: 0.25% for trades, 0.01 HMQ for withdrawal.


Crypto and fiat exchange.
Available pairs: BTC/HMQ
Volume ~200$
Withdrawal limits: 100000$
Commission: 0.2% trades, 1-10% for fiat withdrawal, network fee for crypto.


Crypto-only exchange
Available pairs: BTC/HMQ, ETH/HMQ, USDT/HMQ
Volume: ~120000$
Withrawal limits: None
Commission: 0.15-0.25%, 10 HMQ for withdrawal.


Crypto-only exchange
Available pairs: BTC/HMQ
Volume: ~2000$
Withdrawal limits: None, after verification with ID.
Commission: 0.10-0.20% trade, 0.02 HMQ for withdrawal


Crypto and fiat exchange
Available pairs: BTC/HMQ
Volume: ~250$
Withdrawal limits: Unknown
Commission: 0.2% for trades, Deposits free except for a few payment systems, withdrawals 2-5% fiat, 0.0005 crypto. More detailed information here.

PSA: Don't send HMQ to Kraken, Poloniex or Freewallet (for now)
Exchange Feedback Thread


Added C-Cex and Yobit to the list.


nice humaniq


Any other exchanges being worked on? Is poloniex and kraken serious candidates for this coin?


They don’t notify anyone when they add new coins or when they plan to. Kraken seems like a good bet, considering that they’ve been adding only tokens recently, but we might still be below their radar.
Who knows, we might just wake up one day with the good news.


Wow, so you guys don’t make any efforts or have any contacts for these exchanges? It’s just about sitting and waiting for something?


We do, obviously, but some exchanges work differently :slight_smile:


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