Is Anyone Here Actually Interested In The Project Itself?


All I see is trader talk. Please join me in having a discussion about the future of the world. Do you think the current system is in any way functioning towards every individual? I feel like this project has a huge amount of potential. A bit more transparency could be nice though.
Greetings Arise


I’m with you here ! Let’s talk about the access to money for everyone.


I am… big time. Release working product, drive adoption and this company will be enormous.


Yes. I am wondering about a few points about the project. “Transparency” is a good word.

  1. What exactly is the role of the HMQs themselves? Are users limited to HMQs, and would that in itself not dramatically limit the appeal, the more one gets engaged in global financial transactions? It is not just competition to fiat but to ETH and BTC and the like, all with their own vision and initiatives.
  2. The focus on the unbanked is fantastic, but it is just part of the story. Related to my point 1, at some point one needs to engage with the rest of the world and then economy-wise things get a bit more “serious.” So why not also focus on making the Humaniq ID the de facto standard for ALL blockchain-related transactions.
  3. The biometric ID has implications that go way beyond pure “banking the unbanked.” What about registering refugees? What about then linking these new identities to documents proving who they are (paper IDs, passports, etc.), reversing the traditional order? No finance involved yet, but leveraging the community.
  4. What about once people are signed and want to do “business”? Then the next challenge starts. Having a bank account is just one necessary but not a sufficient step to get included in the global economy. To make this sustainable, we need to focus on that step next (which by the way I am working on right now).
  5. Is this a completely separate blockchain? To what degree can it even handle smart contracts and the like? What is Humaniq’s core competency and where does the hype leave the solid footing of this core competency?
    Cheers, Bert


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