Guide to the forum


Welcome to the official forum for the Humaniq project!

This guide is intended to help new users of the forum get acquainted with the platform.

The forum is currently divided in four main sections:

General Project Discussion

Here you can discuss news about the project, its technological foundation, and other aspects of the core idea. The discussion of the Humaniq token and the ICO belongs to the next section.


Here you will find practical information on the token, how to store it and send it. Open a new topic here if you’re having issues with e.g. withdrawing or sending the token.

##Mobile App

This section is dedicated to the core platform of Humaniq, the mobile app. As the app gets closer to full release, you will find information regarding features and changelogs, and useful guides. You can make a topic here if you need to report a bug or ask a technical question.


Here you will find a list of exchanges that support Humaniq, as well as a place to discuss these platforms, including their features and potential issues you might encounter.

Don’t be afraid to start new topics if you need visibility for your issue!

The Gamification Platform

The gamification platform is a system designed to reward community members for participation in the discussion and for helping out other users.
Currently the system is in a test stage. The rewards and rewardable actions will be completely changed soon.

You can access it by clicking on the big banner at the top:

The Rules

As any forum, we have a set of rules to make sure the discussion is civil. They’re simple and self-explanatory, but you should still take a look at them here. It won’t take more than two minutes of your time.



Welcome to the Humaniq Forum!


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