Forum Rules


This is a short list of rules and guidelines which ensure peaceful discussion. You can find more detailed information at the forum’s guidelines page

  • Be civil. Discuss the idea, not the person. This means absolutely no ad-hominem attacks and no insults. Also, try to express your ideas without using swearwords. Repeated and/or grave infractions of this policy will eventually lead to a suspension or ban, at the discretion of the moderators.

  • No spam. This is the forum for the Humaniq project, and advertising unrelated products is forbidden. Accounts created solely for this purpose will be banned and their content deleted.

  • Be descriptive and constructive. If you need help, summarize your request in the topic name, don’t simply write “I need help”. If you want to criticize something, don’t just write “This project sucks”, but rather explain what doesn’t work and what needs improvement.

  • Use the appropriate sections. It helps keeping the forum organized. The Uncategorized section should be used sparingly.

  • Apply common sense. Not every situation can be accounted for in the rules. Ultimately the decision-making rests with the moderators and administrators.

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