Do you know when HMQ's gonna get on Poloniex?


Do you know when HMQ’s gonna get on Poloniex? I am expecting HMQ’s progress!


It’s hard to say because it’s their decision ultimately. I do believe that it will happen fairly soon.


Any news on this? Would love to see this up on polo


I think poloniex wont list HMQ at all. Especially after the SEC declared that many tokens launched via an ICO could be classified as securities. Poloniex is based in the U.S. and has to deal with that. Besides, they already stopped adding new tokens after the Gnosis ICO, which is a “long time ago” in the crypto space. So they already stopped adding cryptoassets even before that statement. Even if they started expanding again, there were many other tokens with higher volume which are more profitable for them. Bittrex ofc is US based as well, but on the one hand they deal with regulations in a better way and on the other hand they seem to have a “add anything” policy.
Still, i don’t think it would be such a big thing from an investement/trading persepctive, since poloniex will lose marketshare in the crypto market if they stop expanding. So speculative money will flow from poloniex to bittrex and other exchanges in the long run and a listing on poloniex would not be that important anymore.


That makes sense. Bittrex added Humaniq way before the SEC hearing, I’m not sure if they added anything new since that.
In any case I feel like Poloniex right now has plenty on their plate, what with all the stories of failed deposits, customer service taking months to reply, the downtime and so on.


Update: Poloniex started adding new coins/tokens on 08-19. They added ZRX/CVC/OMG since then, so chances are at least slightly increasing getting HMQ listed there in mid/longterm.


the humaniq team should get in touch with them to make a case for hmq to be listed.


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