Concept of Fusion with Byteball to allow for scalability and become future proof, global solution


After observing both projects in my opinion combined can revolutionize crypro space. Im not hiding that I’m a fan of Humaniq and Byteball and would like to see them grow in organic symbiosis.


I’ve heard about Byteball and read about it a little bit, though it didn’t really inspire me.

I’m curious, why do you list “running on Ethereum” as a con? Why would Byteball be better?

  1. Its DAG based so no problems with scalability (just like IOTA but for Humans ;), fast transactions
  2. No mining so future proof, environmentally friendly
  3. Easy to create your own tokens/assets/sub currencies that are managable from the same wallet, I can imagine that it could be helpful for Humanic ecosystem
  4. In chat transactions probably could be ported to Humaniq wallet
  5. Easy to create smart contracts without coding skills
  6. Allows to add 3 party oracles that can unlock contracts etc.

Probably a lot more…, also its quite heavy tested during their distribution system, working product, not an ICO

Why Ethereum is a con: in short it lacks most of the above (mainly scalability, transaction time. POS, POW are already ball and chain not to mention future) or its implementation is not as good as above

This is just my opinion just thought that it can be a fit for Humaniq needs.
Both projects seem to have ‘fair’ and ‘human to human real life value exchange usage’ as their aim.


I feel like ultimately Ethereum is “good enough” for Humaniq’s purposes, most of those things are already present. On the scaling debate I can’t say much, sharding seems like an effective way of solving the problems, as well as POS being environmentally friendly.

In any case the most important thing is that Humaniq is already established on the Ethereum infrastructure, there are tokens circulating that have a certain value, the contracts are written and so on. Moving to a new infrastructure is expensive and wasteful, so there has to be a very compelling reason for that.


OK I understand, just wanted to highlight that there are some other options if Humaniq would encountered some challanges. Thanks for response. (I’m just a fan :wink:


We’ll keep it in mind for sure if Ethereum starts giving problems! Thanks for the suggestion.


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