Any body can help me


i just try to withdraw my token to www.myetherwallet.com , but i balance in humaniq empty and in www.myetherwallet.com is empty to… what i can do??


Got absolutely same problem! Transferred all my HQM to SpaceBTC wallet. My balance went to 0 and nothing came to SpaceBTC wallet… Please help!


With my little experience with tokens, kindly check the address you sent it to first on etherscan.io to see if the tokens were sent. If your transactions were transmitted then it will show. If not contact humaniq at [email protected] for assistance


Also got this problem last week.

Best course is to login in you ICO dashboard and chat (in the right lower corner) with the support team.

The guy who will try to help will ask you for some stuff. So, before chatting do this:

Get a printscreen of your deposit(s) in your dashboard (at the bottom of the page) + get your sending addr + get the Tx id of the transaction + the exact amount.

Then start a conversation, explain the problem (then press ENTER) and copy/paste one by one these info. Finaly, drag and drop your printscreen over the chat window. Then wait for someone to reply.

I hope it will help you and everything will go well as it went for me.



withdrew mine two and half days ago, and still nothing. They first say that it was taking long, and now they replied the following:

“In order to prevent possible errors we were obliged to temporarily pause the withdrawal process. All withdrawal requests are safely stored on our servers and will be processed as soon as we are totally confident that everything works correctly. Hopefully the process will be resumed in several hours. We apologize for inconvenience. We care a lot about our users and therefore want to make sure that everything works perfectly fine before we start the withdrawal process again”

Fingers crossed we are not getting scammed!


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